Giá Sỉ Đây





  • is a local retailer who aims to be a Costco of Vietnam, focus on mom & baby category in the launching phase
  • In partnership with PeakAds, Giá Sỉ Đây aims to boost sales revenue with optimized costs along with growing owned resource


  • Providing strategic consultation and developing roadmap and sales development plans for selling on the Shopee e-commerce platform and developing
  • Offered advice on store/website optimization, improving visibility, increasing organic traffic, and boosting sales.
  • Planning, executing, and optimizing advertising campaigns
  • Providing guidance on products and promotion to encourage new customer conversions and maintain a loyal customer base.


  • Achieved 5 times revenue growth on Shopee.
  • Cost of paid media as a percentage of total revenue (CIR) is less than 3%.
  • Ranked as the top 1 revenue seller in the formula milk industry.
  • 200% growth on
  • Built and maintained a loyal customers base, ensuring consistent and sustainable monthly revenue.