Ecommerce Platform Enable


  • Bluestone is a high-quality household appliance brand with the mission of bringing the most perfect self and family care solutions.
  • Aiming for a leading position in the industry, Bluestone desires strong revenue growth on the Website and e-commerce platforms Lazada and Shopee within a limited budget.

Our approach

  • Research and analyze the market, potential customers and devise appropriate development strategies, especially development orientation for new Website.
  • Visualize the Dashboard in real time to provide timely solutions and ensure advertising costs are used most effectively.
  • Separating potential customers with a targeting matrix combined with creative multivariate testing and applying multi-level optimization methods to attract offsite traffic and fully utilize internal traffic to bring great results on the whole. Lazada and Shopee.


  • Lazada: Both GMV and ROAS reached more than 120% of the target
  • Shopee: GMV exceeded plan with ROAS exploding by 130%
  • The newly launched website also achieved a ROAS of 108.58% compared to the initial target.